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Welcome to Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie. We are your trusted partner for maintaining clean and healthy carpets in your home or business. As your local cleaning professionals, we're here to provide you with reliable service. Our goal is simple: to ensure your carpets are impeccably cleaned and contribute to a healthier indoor space. Feel free to reach out whenever you need assistance.

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Why Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Maintaining clean carpets is essential for both the aesthetic appeal and the health of your indoor environment. Over time, carpets accumulate dirt, dust, allergens, and even bacteria, which can compromise the air quality in your home or business. Our professional carpet cleaning offers a thorough and effective solution to remove these contaminants, leaving your carpets fresh, clean, and free from harmful particles.

At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie, we understand the importance of clean carpets, and our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning services using the latest techniques and equipment. With our professional carpet cleaning services, you can enjoy not only cleaner carpets but also a healthier indoor environment for you, your family, or your employees.

What Cleaning Methods Do We Operate?

At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie, we employ a range of advanced cleaning methods to ensure your carpets receive the best possible treatment. Our team is skilled in hot water extraction, a highly effective method that uses hot water and specialized cleaning solutions to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, extracting dirt, stains, and allergens.

We also utilize dry carpet cleaning techniques for delicate fabrics or situations where minimal moisture is preferred. Additionally, our experts are trained in spot cleaning and stain removal, tackling even the toughest stains with precision and care. Whatever your carpet cleaning needs may be, you can trust our Davie, FL specialists to deliver exceptional results using the most suitable and efficient cleaning methods available.

Carpeting and Optimal Cleaning Solutions

Carpets play a vital role in enhancing comfort, insulation, and ambiance in various spaces within your home. Here are essential spots that benefit from carpeting and the most effective cleaning techniques to maintain their pristine condition, provided by Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie

Living Room

The living room serves as the heart of your home, where family and guests gather for relaxation and entertainment. Regular vacuuming using a high-powered vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush attachment is crucial to eliminate surface dirt and debris. For deeper cleaning, our professional steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods penetrate deep into carpet fibers, effectively lifting embedded dirt and stubborn stains, leaving your living room carpet refreshed and revitalized.


The bedroom is a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation, and carpeting adds warmth and coziness to this space. Consistent vacuuming, focusing on high-traffic areas and under furniture, helps maintain cleanliness and prolong the life of your bedroom carpet. Promptly address spills or stains with our gentle carpet stain removers for effective spot cleaning. Periodic professional carpet cleaning by Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie ensures a thorough deep clean, eliminating hidden dirt and allergens, and restoring freshness to your bedroom carpet.

Home Office

A carpeted home office provides a comfortable and quiet environment conducive to productivity and focus. Daily vacuuming or as needed prevents the accumulation of dust and debris, ensuring a clean and tidy workspace. Protect your carpet from wear and tear by using a carpet protector or mat under your desk and chair. Our expert carpet cleaning services, scheduled every 6-12 months, utilize advanced techniques to remove embedded dirt and maintain a hygienic work environment in your home office.


Carpets in playrooms offer a soft and safe surface for children to play and explore freely. Regular vacuuming with a rotating brush vacuum cleaner effectively removes crumbs, dirt, and pet hair, keeping the playroom carpet clean and allergen-free. Immediate spot cleaning of spills or accidents with a mild detergent and water solution prevents stains from setting. Periodic steam cleaning by Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie sanitizes and refreshes the playroom carpet, ensuring a healthy environment for your little ones to play and learn.

With our expertise and tailored cleaning solutions, Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie is committed to enhancing the cleanliness and comfort of your home, ensuring your carpets remain in optimal condition for years to come.

Benefits of Our Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Renewed Appearance: Revitalize the colors and feel of your carpets, enhancing the overall look of your space and creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and family alike.
  • Healthier Spaces: Eliminate allergens, bacteria, and pollutants, creating a cleaner and safer indoor environment for your family or employees. Breathe easier knowing that your carpets are free from harmful contaminants.
  • Prolonged Carpet Lifespan: Regular cleaning extends carpet durability, saving you money by delaying the need for premature replacement. Protect your investment and enjoy beautiful carpets for years to come.
  • Effective Stain Treatment: Say goodbye to stubborn stains and odors with our advanced cleaning techniques, leaving your carpets fresh and spotless. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that even the toughest stains are no match for our skilled technicians.
  • Skilled Technicians: Our experienced experts deliver top-notch results, ensuring your satisfaction with every cleaning job. Trust in our professionalism and dedication to excellence for a hassle-free carpet cleaning experience.

Investing in our carpet cleaning services not only rejuvenates the appearance of your carpets but also promotes a healthier indoor environment and prolongs the lifespan of your flooring. With our expertise and commitment to quality, Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie is your trusted partner for achieving cleaner, fresher, and more beautiful carpets.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Professional Carpet Cleaning involve?

Professional carpet cleaning means, first of all, professionalism. This is all about having your carpets thoroughly cleaned by skilled experts. Such experts use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment. The goal is to eliminate dirt, stains, and odors. All for leaving your indoor space cleaner and healthier.

What Carpet Cleaning Methods Does Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Davie Offer?

We're specialists in various carpet cleaning methods, including steam cleaning, deep cleaning, deodorizing, shampooing, sanitizing, enzyme treatment, stain removal, and others. Each method is chosen based on what your carpets need. The goal is to ensure the best possible outcome.

How much time for my carpets be deep-cleaned by the professionals?

Frequency of Carpet cleaning is a function of a whole lot of other factors. Such factors are the number of people foot traffic, presence of pets and children, and the remove of specific stains and smells. We suggest that carpets should be done professionally at least once a 6-month period to keep them clean and in good condition.

Can the chemicals used by carpet cleaning harm my family and pet?

Yes, bugging out is secure for you and your beloved one. Using other than chemicals the professional cleaners treats with ecology friendly and non toxic cleaning solutions so that the household environment is absolutely safe for you and your family. With the necessary education and skills to clean safely and also to deal with any possible dangers or risks that can arise during the cleaning process.


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We offer bonus and discounts for the carpet cleaning service we provide. Our services are also affordable and very reliable. We guarantee that you will receive just what you paid for.

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